Dinithi tries very hard to communicate with Sachithra. her husband, but he ignores her presence. Relentlessly. The harder she tries to reach him, the deeper his silence becomes. Their 8-year-old daughter watches them as days pass by. Her parents try to get involved but receive the same silent treatment from him. His parents contemplate the predicament.

Dinithi doesn’t work anymore. When she steps out of the house, it is always with the child, only in the pursuit of domestic chores. Even then only with the same taxi that he has arranged. That driver seems to be overly friendly. Even Sanka, Dinithi’s young cousin, who’s now staying with them seem to be very open and exceedingly friendly with her.

One day, the husband is drawn into a road accident in which a pedestrian is killed. Everyone is jolted out of their respective trances. The wife rushes to his side, hoping to be of some help.